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Image by Madison Bracaglia

Meet Our Team

Image by Madison Bracaglia

Kait Callahan

Head Coach & CEO

Coaching since 2015 I have worked with people from all different backgrounds each with their own obstacles to overcome. As a previous division 1 athlete and a current national-level bikini competitor, discipline and resilience are a part of my day-to-day operations.


Overcoming my own struggles, pursuing higher education, and learning from the best in the business has lead me to transforming many clients all over the world inside and out.

Fitness is much bigger than an aesthetic or goal weight and my goal as a coach is to leave a greater impact on the clients I get to work with that will stay with them as they continue to evolve.

BS Biology concentration in Pharmaceuticals

MS Exercise Science: Performance and Physique Enhancement

Published Research in the Bodybuilding Community

Clinical Experience focused on Hormonal and Metabolic Disorders



Mon - Thurs 9 AM - 4 PM CST

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Image by Madison Bracaglia
Image by Madison Bracaglia

Kaity Ferland

Client Liaison

Throughout my career I have always strived to support individuals to develop resiliency, confidence, and to help them live their best life. I’ve always had a strong desire to serve and have always identified as an old soul, a helper, a teacher, though I never truly knew how to give to others and take care of myself too. When working in social services for 12+ years, burnout can be very real. 

In 2018 I’d reached a very low, unhealthy point in my life. Hitting my own version of rock bottom brought me to work up the courage to reach out to Coach Kait. Kait has not only been my coach, but also a mentor. She has helped me achieve significant weight loss, restore my metabolism, and completely transform my mindset. Kait has given me the ability to tap into a love for life I’d never experienced. 

I’m incredibly grateful to be able to help support the LevlUp Mission and help others change their life too! 



Mon - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM EST

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Image by Madison Bracaglia
Image by Madison Bracaglia

Hunter Cochran

Assistant Coach

I started coaching in 2019 after I was fired from a job I deeply loathed. This forced me to become more self-aware and I realized that I was working unfulfilling jobs that brought nothing but boredom in my life.


I turned my passion for health and fitness into more than just a job. They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. With my deep desire for helping others, I decided to advance my education, and I am currently a student pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Fitness is deeper than physical appearance to me. Fitness is creating a balance between a healthy body and mindset. I have worked with a wide variety of women and men that have faced their own hurdles.


My goal as a coach is to impact and change lives; not only externally, but internally with long term sustainable habits. 



Mon - Thurs 9 AM - 3 PM AK

Fri 6 AM - 9 AM AK

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Image by Madison Bracaglia
Image by Madison Bracaglia

Haley Cunningham

Assistant Coach

For a long time, I felt hopeless, I was spinning my wheels trying to lose fat until I finally broke down and hired help. That’s when everything changed for me. I fell in love with this lifestyle, and I started to gain confidence in ALL areas of my life.


From that moment I knew I was meant to help others change their lives too. I wanted to go beyond focusing on their physical appearance and help them unlock their full potential. Though I work with clients of varying backgrounds, needs and goals, I have a strong passion in metabolic and hormone health.


My goal as a coach is to help my clients transform from the inside out & LevlUp in all areas of their lives.



Tues - Fri 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM EST

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Image by Madison Bracaglia

Lorraine Frances

Team Mental Health Counselor

I graduated from Purdue University Global in 2017 with a Master’s Degree of Science in Psychology with a Specialization in Addictions. Since then, I’ve been a Clinical Case Manager and presently an Outpatient Therapist and continued my work as a counselor/life coach/healing practitioner, working with clients spanning from ages 6-70+, with diverse backgrounds in all aspects of self.  


I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all or even most’ approach to anything. I feel the more I learn, the more I am prepared to help others guide themselves to the root(s) of their struggles and healing.


My goal is to evoke light and manifest a warrior’s approach to life and help others create a vision to uphold positive energy in an environment that supports a consistent commitment to having the courage to change and evolve the overall health of their body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Reiki Master Practitioner | Mental Health Counselor

Master of Science in Psychology with a Specialization in Addictions

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Counselor (Graduating 2022)

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