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Travel Tips!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Staying On Track While Traveling IS POSSIBLE

BUT...it WILL take some planning and more than just having an idea of what you WANT to do, it's important to take actions that will ALIGN with the goal outcome you have!

The biggest thing I emphasize with my clients is that you will always be the product of your choices. Going into a trip, reflecting on possible outcomes is important. Ask yourself where you want to be and how you want to feel when you get back THEN we can strategize HOW to make that happen

If you are fine with coming back a bit heavier, then have more flexibility while you are away! Truly, I am going to support whatever it is that makes clients happy because there is indeed important parts of life that are worth experiencing fully BUT, if you know you want to be consistent and even see some progress THEN we need to make sure we are taking actions that align with that goal outcome. Swipe to see some tips and suggestions that will allow YOU to go into it prepared for success

More than just what you pack, MOST people tend to go on vacation where they are sightseeing or doing some adventure walking. That being said, staying active and getting movement is one of the best things that you can do.

We know you cannot out-train a poor diet BUT that doesn't mean that all things go to hell because we are outside of our normal day-to-day

When it comes to eating out, the biggest tip that I can give is understanding that we can always go out to eat and stay on track BUT we may not always be able to have what we WANT to eat. Having that discipline and understanding going into it is also important.

Remember this, it's about the experience and the people; moments in time that we may not get back. It doesn't HAVE to be about all the food and alcohol IF you don't want it to be. That being said, IF YOU DO...please, proceed, and live your best life. PS. Remember that weight on any given day may change and body composition is never a static place of being. Don't get caught up in the NOW or underestimate what time and commitment can do for you.

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